About Us

We set high values and standard in service and partnering. We aim to provide great service and deliver on-time complex projects.

At Nationwide Paving, we offer a complete line of asphalt paving and exterior maintenance services, serving every state east of the Mississippi.

We specialize in repair and maintenance of high traffic parking lots, sidewalks, and exterior features of commercial buildings.

Our Lean compartmentalized approach:

      • Rapid response and effective scheduling

      • Personnel, equipment, and methods that ensure minimal impact on your operation

Scheduling & Planning

Effective Scheduling, Online Reporting, and Minimal Time on Site

We understand that disruption to your business is expensive. Our approach to planning and performing commercial paving projects drives effective planning, keeps you informed, and ensures minimal disruption to your business.

Our efficient processes mean lower square footage paving costs and reduced interference with your business operations.

  • Standardized proposals and contracts

  • Web-based scheduling and master planning

  • Administrative and scheduling support 6 days per week (Monday-Saturday)

  • Flexible on-site work schedules (nights & weekends)

  • Equipment configured and optimized for commercial lot paving

  • Crews experienced with maintaining traffic flow and safety at active business locations

Clients are provided with Web access to:

  • Request Estimates

  • Proposals

  • Scheduling

  • Site Photos

  • Agreements

  • Invoices

Nationwide Paving Web-based Process

Financial Strength

  • Profitable, operating in the black every month

  • Immediate access to up to $1M in operating capital

  • Access to >$10M in project financing